Extract from the Law of Azerbaijan Republic “On State Secret” No.
733-IIQ adopted on September 7, 2004

Information concerned the activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic was underlined.

Article 5. List of information constituting State secret

5.1. The following information constitutes state secret in the military field:

5.1.1. On the content of strategic and operational plans in regard to preparation and conduction of operations on strategic, operative deployment and mobilisation of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Republic, other armed units, other troops  under the Law, battle management documents, their combat and mobilisation readiness, establishment and use of mobilisation resources;

5.1.2. On development plans of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Republic and other armed forces established in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic, development directions of weapons and military equipments, content of goal plans in regard to creation and modernisation of weapons and military equipments, scientific-research and development and engineering works and results on their implementation;

5.1.3. On tactical-technical characteristics of weapon and military equipment samples and opportunities of combat applications, specifications, agents or technologies of new type military items;
5.1.4. disposition, assignment, readiness and defence condition, construction and exploitation of facilities of special importance according to considerations of national security and defence, as well as allocation of land, ground and water areas for these facilities;

5.1.5. On disposition, real names, organizational structure, number of personnel and their combat support as well as military-political or operational condition;

5.1.6. On coordinates of geodesic points and geographic facilities of significant economic importance in the territory of Azerbaijan Republic.
5.2. The following information constitutes state secret in economic field:

5.2.1. On content of readiness plan for possible military operations of Azerbaijan Republic and its separate regions, mobilisation power of industry on the production of weapon and military equipments, dispatch volume of strategic types of raw products and materials used in military field as well as deployment of state stockpiles, their  actual volume and use;

5.2.2. For the purpose of provision of defensive capabilities and security of Azerbaijan Republic, the use of its infrastructure;

5.2.3. On civil defence forces and means, disposition, assignment and security level of administrative management facilities, level of population’s security provision, functioning of transport and communication designed for state security;

5.2.4. On volume of state defence orders, plans (tasks), production and dispatch (in cash or in kind) of weapon, military equipment and other military products, current production capacity and increase of this capacity, companies  developing or producing weapon, military equipment and other products, their contacts on cooperation;

5.2.5. Scientific and technical achievements of defensive or economic importance, scientific-research, development and engineering project works and technologies;
5.2.6. On volume of production, import and export, sale of strategic type beneficial mineral   resources, preparation of banknotes and securities, their protection against fraud as well as other special measures of state financial activity.

5.3.The following information constitutes state secret in foreign policy:

5.3.1. On foreign-political and foreign-economic activity of Azerbaijan Republic, provided that their early disclosure can cause damage to state security;

5.3.2. On cooperation of Azerbaijan Republic with other states in the fields of military, scientific-technical and other fields provided that it can cause problems in the execution of diplomatic activity at least of one parties.

5.4. Information on intelligence and counterintelligence and operational and investigative activities:

5.4.1. On capacity and means, resources, methods, plans and results of intelligence, counterintelligence and operational and investigative activities as well as statements of financing of this activity provided that these statements disclose the mentioned information;

5.4.2. On persons cooperating and that had cooperated with authorities performing intelligence, counterintelligence and operational and investigative activities on confidential basis;

5.4.3. On the organization of provision of state protection facilities security, their powers and means, methods as well as statements of financing these facilities provided that these statements disclose specified information;

5.4.4. On ciphered as well as coded and secured communication systems, codes, code processing and preparation, their provision, special-purpose coding and special protection means, information-analytical systems;

5.4.5. On methods and means of confidential information protection;

5.4.6. On organization of state secret security and its actual condition;

5.4.7. On protection of state border of Azerbaijan Republic;

5.4.8. On expenditures of state budget in regard to provision of defence state, security and law-enforcement activities in Azerbaijan Republic;

5.4.9. On personnel training disclosing carried out measures for the purpose of provision of state security.


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