Affirmed by the order No. 590 dated October 12, 2007 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic


About “Hot line” telephone serving to supposed, potential and human trafficking victims



General provisions


  • Information – advice service “Hot line” telephone (hereinafter referred as – “Hot line”) prepared according National Activity Plan on Defense Again Human Trafficking in Azerbaijan Republic with the purpose to help to the persons from the same crime with the human trafficking and affirmed with order No. 208, dated May 6, 2004 of the Azerbaijan Republic’s President; this “Hot line” determining the forming, financing, activity and control rules to its work.
  • The “Hot line” is guided by the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic, the Laws and other laws “About Defense again to the Human Trafficking”, the order and command of the Azerbaijan Republic’s President, Order and Command of the Cabinet of Ministers, supported international contracts of the Azerbaijan Republic, the normative – legal acts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic and this Regulation in own activity.
  • Creating of the “Hot line”, reconstructing and liquating, making a decision about changing of the duty and functions, affirming of the staff schedule on his structure is implemented responding to the 5.3.5 item of the “About Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic” Regulation in determining rule with legislation.
  • Financing and material – technical supplying of the “Hot line” is implemented with state budge of the Azerbaijan Republic and other sources intended in legislation.


  1. Appointment and functions of the “Hot line”


  • Appointment of the “Hot line” consists doing information – advice service with aid purpose to the persons who are victims of Human Trafficking and this type crime, especially to the women and children.
  • Appointment and functions of the “Hot line” is followings:
    • To prevent the Human trafficking and threat according it;
    • To help to the persons who are victims of Human Trafficking;
    • To give necessary advice to the persons which address, for to marry to the foreign citizenships, to study, to rest, to work in foreign country.
    • To provide the possible psychological aid timely to the citizenships, independent from residing place and social status.
    • To provide the reliable dialog with every person which addressed or help and to advice.
    • To direct the subscriber with the purpose professional replying of the appeal and solving it.


  1. Activities of the “Hot line”


  • The “Hot line” receives free the telephone rings during 24 hour in all days of week and provides the confidential.
  • Worker of the “Hot line”:
    • Worker talks kindly and carefully, independent by psychological status of subscriber.
    • Elucidates the motive of appeal.
    • Show correct direct to subscriber when can not accept the decision.
    • Uses the tactics which want to get out of a crisis and disagreement condition with subscriber.
    • Gives advice applying to the specialist (psychologist, lawyer and etc.) and gives information about doing service and place of the same office (medical, legal, social and etc.) if necessary.
    • Compiling the statistic count papers of the telephone advices in “Hot line”. Implemented the private work journal with subscriber. The documents immediately is fulfilling after telephone conversation and keeping in special place.


  1. Connection of “Hot line” activity and control.


  • Connect with same state organs, non-government establishments and international organs of the activity of the “Hot line” and control to their activity is implemented by National Coordinate on defense against Human Trafficking.
  • Being a cause to the responsibility with the determined Azerbaijan Republic’s legislation, if the confidential information lawless gathering or intentional sharing the information about persons who are victims of human
  • The “Hot line” is relation with specialized non-governmental establishments in defense area with human trafficking in own activity.
  • “Hot line” and their workers’ safety are implemented by structure of the Defense Office Again to the Human Trafficking of the MIA.


  1. “Hot line” management


  • To appointment to the work and to free from the work of the worker staff and director of the “Hot line” is implemented, by deputy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - National Coordinate on Defense Again Human Trafficking, according order No. 310, dated July 13, 2006 of the MIA.
  • Director manages the “Hot line”. Director inside in his / her authority:
    • Carries out general management to activity of the “Hot line”. He/ she is responsible for duly performing of his/her duties and functions.
    • Taking necessary measures relating with confidentiality of information entered into the “Hot line” and personally controlling the execution of confidential regime.
    • Making offers about changes to the “Hot line” staff, according with the service necessity.
    • Carries out other authorities according to legislation of Azerbaijan Republic.



Baku city, Azadlig Avenue 161,

Postal Code: AZ1106,

Duty Service: (+99412) 590-20-49,

FAX: (+99412) 590-20-48