An opinion poll conducted through the Main Department's official website according to the National Action Plan based on the subparagraph 13.2.3 on the fight against human trafficking in Azerbaijan for 2014-2018.

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The first National Action Plan for 2004-2008 was adopted by Decree № 208 of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic dated May 6, 2004 considering the provisions of the Brussels Declaration on signed by the Republic of Azerbaijan on December 12, 2000 and approved by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on May 13, 2003 to the UN Convention "Against Transnational Organized Crime" and Protocol on its complementation "Prevention, suppression and punishment of human trafficking, especially women and children trafficking" as well as adopted "Prevention and Fight against Human Trafficking" on September 20, 2002.

The adoption of the National Action Plan on June 28, 2005 "On the fight against human trafficking," which led to the adoption of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other law of the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan Republic, articles 144-1 and 144-2 on human trafficking and forced labor have been identified as an independent type of crime adopted on September 30, 2005.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING - by threat of force or violence, intimidation or other means of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, influence or abuse of power by weakness, or the consent of a person having control over another person for the material and non-material gifts, or by giving privileges or discounts to attract people to exploitation, acquisition, keeping, harboring, transportation, provision or acceptance.

Even if involvement of child exploitation, acquisition, keeping, harboring, transportation, provision or adoption, are not mentioned methods, they have been considered as human trafficking.

Human exploitation is considered as following:

Forced labor (service)- illegally forcing the person to do certain work (service delivery )
Sexual abuse - use of a person for prostitution, sexual slavery or production for pornographic materials, making the sexual exploitation of others for profit.
Slavery, practices similar to slavery and dependency status coming from them - Fully or partial implementation of authority to the rights to property over the individual;
Illegal removal of human organs and tissues
Illegal medical research on a person
The use of women as a surrogate mother
Illegally, including attraction to criminal activities, as well as other forms of exploitation of people.

Victims of human trafficking - Suffered from human trafficking, or supposed to be suffered from human trafficking!

Signs of victims of human trafficking:

Forced to work against his will, thought that there is no opportunity to leave the job;
Thought that his action is under control, lack of freedom of action or limited freedom of action;
Feelings of fear and anxiety;
Always or sometimes himself, family members, relatives to violence or incur threat of violence;
Suffering from injuries that are characteristic by limiting the freedom of movement, to exploitation or to violence;
Faced with the threat of a handover to Government agencies
As it is kept by others, they don't have with themselves identification cards or travel documents, or they have fake documents;
They do not know the local language, the address of the residence or place of work;
Acts under the instruction of others, are working under the conditions defined by others, get little or no income for the work they have done
Live in conditions that do not meet the general living standards;
Limited connections with their family members and other relatives, as well as access to medical and social services facilities.

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